Top Luxurious Amenities to Look for in Bayshore Boulevard Real Estate

Living near Bayshore Boulevard is an amenity in and of itself. However, many residential options offer exclusive amenities that add perks to an already perfect location. As one of the hottest new real estate opportunities in the Sunshine State, this premier Tampa location has it all. Here are the top luxurious amenities to look for in real estate near Bayshore Boulevard.

Rooftop Amenities

When you live in an area with breathtaking 360o views, rooftop amenities are sure to be a showstopper. Bayshore Boulevard is home to picturesque views of Hillsborough Bay as well as the sparkling skyline of Downtown Tampa. Rooftop amenities are already favorable, but when mixed together with a scenic location, this is a life that’s truly above it all. 

Active Lifestyle Amenities

Amenities often offer a life of relaxation and pleasure. But, today’s buyers also seek an active lifestyle. Bayshore Boulevard encompasses 4.5 scenic miles of sidewalk making it the longest sidewalk in the U.S. This appeals to those who enjoy running, walking and biking alongside the sparkling waters of Hillsborough Bay.

Active lifestyle amenities such as professionally sized pickleball courts, refreshing swimming pools and fully equipped gyms are perfect additions to Bayshore Boulevard real estate. These amenities allow you to have fun and stay active as you enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

Social Amenities

A life well lived starts with those who you choose to spend it with. Amenities that allow you to enjoy life with others should be key when looking for Bayshore Boulevard real estate. Amenities such as club rooms, dining areas and bars allow you to enjoy friends and family on a higher level in this beautiful area.

Ronto Group's 73-unit Altura Bayshore is slated for delivery in 2023.

Altura Bayshore 

If Bayshore Boulevard real estate interests you, look no further than Altura Bayshore. With 73 residences, this luxurious skyrise is the peak of brilliance as it rises 23 floors above Hillsborough Bay. Not only are its penthouses and residences perfectly designed, but each luxurious amenity adds an excellent addition to Bayshore Boulevard real estate.  

Starting with Altura’s rooftop amenities, life here is beyond compare. Equipped with a luxurious rooftop pool with lap lanes and a sun shelf, trellis-covered spa, bar area, BBQ-grills, private shade cabanas and even an exclusive club room, Altura’s rooftop amenities truly match the description of a cherry-on-top, in more ways than one.

Altura Bayshore offers an array of active lifestyle amenities that can keep you in shape all year long. With pickleball courts, bocce courts, a synthetic turf putting green, a half-court for basketball and a professionally equipped fitness center, Altura will put the active lifestyle you always dreamed of, right outside your door.  

The skyrise is also fashioned with social amenities to fill your days. Enjoy time well spent with friends and family at Altura’s rooftop club room and bar room or at its dog park, sports courts, fire pit or lounge. For those with out-of-town guests, they can even enjoy our addition to Bayshore Boulevard real estate in luxury guest suites with picturesque views.

Just minutes away from Altura’s premier location you will find elegant dining and shopping options to enjoy. So, whether it’s a date night, a party or a spur-of-the-moment plan, Altura Bayshore has got you covered. 

If you are interested in the finest Bayshore Boulevard real estate, choose the option truly above it all.

Altura Bayshore began construction in August, and its sales center is open for visitation daily. For more information on Tampa’s newest skyrise contact 813.492.2420 or visit

Celebrate Independence Day On The Rooftop | Altura

Celebrate Independence Day with Breathtaking Rooftop Views

And just like that, another Independence Day comes and goes as we celebrate the freedom of this great nation by enjoying summer activities with friends and family. When the sun goes down our eyes go up as we watched the skies light up with fireworks and grand displays of color. But imagine if one day you were to look down on the fireworks. It’s possible to celebrate every holiday with picturesque rooftop views and never have to look up at fireworks again.

Rooftop Views are One of a Kind 

Holidays bring excitement and out of our mundane weekly schedules. Rooftop views bring forth the same feeling. The idea of coming home to a 23-story panoramic view is so much better than turning on the television after a day of work.

In every direction there is something magnificent to experience. From bays to skylines – from sunrises to sunsets – there are views to be seen that never get old. 

Rooftop Amenities

A rooftop not only provides unmatched views of its surroundings, but some also feature amenities to make every day memorable. They might include amazing pools, sit-around bars for happy hours and socializing, as well as seating areas with a fireplace perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

Social Room At Night | Altura Bayshore

Rooftop Club Room

If you really want to escalate any holiday, or any day for that matter, visit a rooftop club room. Club rooms are already exclusive in and of themselves but mix them with high-rise views and rooftop amenities and your day will surely be enhanced. Watching sports, celebrating birthdays, or watching fireworks will never be the same once you spend time in a rooftop club room.

Altura Bayshore

If the idea of watching fireworks from a rooftop terrace appeals to you, you might want to take a look at Altura Bayshore, South Tampa’s newest luxury residential skyrise.

This 23-story building is designed with 73 residences including elegant, open-concept penthouses. The units range from 2,176 to 3,575 square feet and are priced from $1.3 million to $3.4 million. With views of Bayshore Boulevard, Hillsborough Bay and downtown Tampa, Altura’s residential options are unquestionably the best.

Accompanied by rooftop amenities such as a luxury pool with lap lane and sun shelf, as well as a large, trellis-covered bar area with ample seating for all your guests, Altura’s rooftop is sure to amaze. The deck also contains a flat-screen TV, BBQ grills, swing chairs, fire pit, and of course the elegant club room.

Altura’s rooftop club room is equipped with a gas fireplace, casual seating, large bar, TVs and restrooms. It is the perfect area to spend weekends or holidays. Now every Independence Day or Memorial Day can be spent grilling burgers and listening to music – 23 stories in the air.

Don’t settle for spending the holidays in crowds, spend them near the clouds at Altura Bayshore. Visit Altura Bayshore to tour their residences today and be the first to live in this luxury Bayshore high-rise.

Six Reasons Why a Pool atop a High Rise Tower is Favorable

When it comes to dream homes, having a pool in the backyard tends to be the norm. As luxurious as having a pool in your backyard is, having one on the roof takes that refreshing amenity to even higher heights.

There’s something about a rooftop pool that makes life even sweeter. Maybe it’s because you’re swimming among the clouds. Or maybe because it’s so private. So relaxing. Whatever it is, here are six popular reasons why swimming in a rooftop pool is heavenly.


Views are always the best when you are elevated. It’s like looking out a window of an airplane, appreciating the beauty and spectacle of the world below. Swimming and sunbathing in a rooftop pool gives you that same feeling and a similar view.

No Pests

Florida is paradise, there’s no question about it. However, as many of us know, Florida pests like to make an appearance on even the nicest of days. Luckily, this is not the case for a pool literally located in the sky.

Because mosquitos tend to only bite at an altitude of 25 feet or less, you are safe from most everything that could ruin your pool day. Don’t share the same worries of people that swim ground level. Live life above everything – including pests.


Sunrise, sunshine, sunset and repeat. Such are the weekend plans when you have uninterrupted access to a luxurious rooftop pool. Nothing but clouds can prevent you from enjoying the company of the sun and blue skies. But that is rarely a concern. Afterall, they don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing.


When you’re enjoying life on a rooftop pool deck, take in the sounds, sights, and feelings of pure bliss. An elevated pool deck on a skyrise offers guests refreshing breezes that only the birds normally get to enjoy. So, cool off in the pool or just lounge beside it. Either way that breeze will certainly be welcoming.


The private lifestyle a rooftop pool offers is one of elegance and uninterrupted pleasure. There are no neighbors looking down at you. No passers-by slowing down trying to get a peak. Yet, it’s a great location to meet your fellow tower residents and form friendships all the while enjoying your paradise in the sky.


A rooftop pool is a luxury to be enjoyed each and every day. At any point, you can relax and unwind by swimming floors above your luxurious residence. And don’t forget all the other amenities just steps from the pool.

There’s the trellis-covered bar. A spa. Barbecue grills. A fire pit. Club room with gas fireplace, large bar and flatscreen TVs. And a west-facing terrace to view sunsets – to name just a few. Now that’s luxury.

Altura Bayshore

Altura Bayshore is Tampa’s newest luxury skyrise on Bayshore Boulevard.  Twenty-three floors with 73 residences, the elegant tower is equipped with numerous other resort-like amenities. They include pickleball courts, bocce courts, a synthetic turf putting green, a half-court for basketball, a grilling area, guest suites, and of course, the rooftop pool.

Altura is located on Bayshore Boulevard and overlooks the blue waters of Hillsborough Bay, as well as the sparkling skyline of Downtown Tampa.

If you are interested in making Altura Bayshore your next home and would enjoy swimming in the sky, visit the sales center at 2910 West Barcelona Street in Tampa, Florida or by virtually touring the masterpiece at For more information call 813.492.2420.

Rooftop Amenities | Altura Bayshore

Four Perks of Living in a Penthouse in Tampa

The pinnacle of luxury is found in penthouse living. You worked your way to the top, why not live there? Despite the luxury of the property itself, here are four perks of living in a penthouse in Tampa, Florida.


It’s no secret that the higher level you live on, the more spectacular the views, so why settle for anything but the best? Tampa is world-renowned for its scenic skylines, incredible water views and sensational sunsets which are enjoyed all year long. This is why penthouses are the perfect vantage point from which to view everything the area has to offer.


Another perk of owning a penthouse in Tampa lies in the benefit of spacious living. Owning a penthouse generally means you are afforded more space than you’ll typically find in a condominium property. A penthouse suite allows you to enjoy the luxuries of owning a condominium, with the space of a single-family home.

Peace, Quiet and Privacy 

Have you ever found yourself asking for some “peace and quiet?” Here, you will get what you ask for. Living in a penthouse is the ultimate getaway as it is positioned above what lies below. Not only will you be away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, but the perks of the penthouse continue because you are floors above the noise. There are no neighbors, no traffic, only clouds, sunshine and peace.

Outdoor Access

When it comes to living in a Tampa penthouse, outdoor access is another major perk. The Sunshine State offers residents year-long summer weather and a penthouse will only increase your opportunities to further enjoy the outdoors. Tampa penthouses often have the largest lanais and balconies and that means you’ll have much more room for sunbathing or stargazing without another person in sight.

Altura Bayshore

At Altura Bayshore, the perks of living in a Tampa penthouse are like the property… above the rest.  With views of Bayshore Boulevard and the Downtown Tampa skyline, every morning, afternoon and evening is a new piece of art. With over 3,000 square feet under air, Altura’s penthouses are sure to enhance any and every lifestyle. Invite your friends and family or enjoy a private getaway in your spacious Tampa penthouse.

Twenty-three stories above Bayshore, you will be able to enjoy peace, quiet and privacy in the luxurious living of an Altura Bayshore penthouse. Another perk is the private elevator that leads directly up to your suite. Lastly, don’t forget that your incredibly designed interior flows seamlessly onto your breathtaking 356-square-foot outdoor terrace overlooking Hillsborough Bay and Downtown Tampa.

There is truly nothing like living in a penthouse in Tampa, Florida. Check out some of the amenities and floor plans that make Altura Bayshore so unique and see for yourself the perks of living in a Tampa penthouse.

For more information on Altura Bayshore’s penthouses visit our website or contact our sales center today at (813) 492-2420.

Exclusive: Condo tower Altura Bayshore begins site work

Site work has begun to make way for a 22-story, 73-unit luxury condominium tower in South Tampa.

Naples-based Ronto Group, the developer of Altura Bayshore, said it has started horizontal construction on the site at 2907 S. Ysabella Ave., which is off of Bayshore and Bay to Bay boulevards.

In the last six weeks, $31 million worth of condos have been presold, the developer said, leaving “only a few” penthouse units. The units range from 2,176 to 3,575 square feet and are priced from $1.3 million to $3.4 million.

Connor and Gaskins Unlimited of Naples is the general contractor; Smith and Associates Real Estate LLC has listed the condos for presale.

Power lines and underground utilities on the Altura site have already been relocated; in the weeks ahead, the crews will remove the pavement and begin drilling for two separate buildings. The first is a parking deck for the existing office tower on the property — the Altura site currently serves as surface parking for office tenants.

“We are seeing demand everywhere, locally, domestically and even internationally as of late,” Anthony Solomon, owner of the Ronto Group, said in a statement. “Buyers are attracted to Altura because of the convenient location, the abundance of amenities and private luxury experience with direct water views.”

Altura faced several delays early on its presales campaign; it launched shortly before the novel coronavirus pandemic shuttered nonessential businesses. In July 2020, as interest in the condos ticked up, Solomon told the Tampa Bay Business Journal that a mid-2021 groundbreaking was “realistic.”

Read full story here.


How to Choose Between Different South Tampa Condos for Sale

South Tampa has much to offer in terms of culture, views and nightlife. Its location continues to be a popular destination for worldwide travelers as many of its attractions are nationally ranked! This hype leads to an increase in new condos for sale, as evidenced by the many new developments underway. To make sure you get the best possible condo in the area, here is how to choose between different South Tampa condos for sale.


When looking at South Tampa real estate, be sure to keep in mind the location. South Tampa’s location is ideal for its proximity to downtown, picturesque waterfront, impressive views, and more.

Condos in various areas such as Bayshore Boulevard, Historic Hyde Park, and Downtown Tampa, come with unique benefits, so be sure to choose a location that fits your lifestyle.

Condos on Bayshore Boulevard have the unmatched amenity of the Hillsborough Bay right at its doorstep. Its waterfront 4.5-mile sidewalk is widely known as one of the longest continuous sidewalks in the United States. It’s perfect for running, walking, biking and enjoying the water views of South Tampa. New developments and construction make Bayshore Boulevard the ideal place for looking at South Tampa condos for sale.

Just a block away, you will find the Historic Hyde Park area. This area is known for its nightlife, dining and shopping experiences as it neighbors the University of Tampa. With many homes dating back to the late 1800’s, this area is a charming blend of old architecture and modern culture.

Downtown Tampa is one of the area’s biggest attractions. With dozens of events and activities to do at places like Amalie Arena and The Florida Aquarium, Downtown Tampa is sure to keep your weekends packed with plans.

Compare Amenities

If you have the privilege of choosing between different South Tampa condos for sale, be sure to compare amenities between properties. The amenities that come with the condo are more than “the cherry on top.” Depending on the features of each, you will be able to enjoy new hobbies, nightlife and culture that make each venture unique.

Some prestigious amenities to look for include:

  • Pickleball Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Lounge Areas
  • Workout Facilities
  • Dining Areas / Event Space

Altura is Literally Above the Rest

When it comes to South Tampa condos for sale, it is hard to ignore Altura Bayshore. Possibly because it is the newest sky rise on Bayshore Boulevard. Touching the clouds of Bayshore with a 22-story condo tower, site work is underway, and construction will commence soon.

Located on Bayshore Boulevard at 2910 West Barcelona Street, the condos look out over the Hillsborough Bay and are minutes away from luxurious dining and shopping venues. With amenities such as a rooftop pool and deck, fitness center overlooking the bay, state-of-the-art pickleball courts, synthetic turf putting green, dog park and more, Altura Bayshore is literally above the rest. See for yourself by visiting our website or by calling the sales center at (813) 492-2420.

tampa waterfront condos luxury

Zoom Rooms with a View – Altura Bayshore

In today’s work culture “zoom rooms” are the newest fads. According to the company itself, a Zoom Room is a room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. Any room can be turned into a Zoom Room, as many workers have converted unused rooms into a personal office space.

Since 2020, working remotely has become a lifestyle for many Americans. According to Apollo Technical, one in four Americans are working from home. As more and more people are working remotely, more and more people are creating zoom rooms in their home offices so that they can stay connected with their peers and colleagues.

If you are working from home, why not do so with a view? Altura Bayshore can help you with that.

At Altura Bayshore, every workday is accompanied with breathtaking water views of Hillsborough Bay. So, while you are on your mid-day conference calls, think about it with paradise as your backdrop in the beautiful neighborhood of Bayshore in Tampa.

Not only can your work be completed in your home office in a luxury Tampa condo, but you can take breaks between your Zoom Room calls and enjoy South Tampa at your doorstep. Located on Bayshore Blvd., Altura is within walking distance to numerous restaurants and coffee shops to help you get through the day. If you are in need of some fresh air, step out on your waterfront balcony or take a stroll on the Bayshore Trail. You worked hard to get here, so enjoy every minute. And your view!

With Altura’s numerous floorplans, you will be able to find a residence that suits all of your needs. With our 5,311 square feet, 4th floor residence option you can fully convert the spacious den to fit all of your Zoom Room needs.  Or take things to our 23rd floor penthouse 1 option equipped with 3,794 square feet. Convert your optional 5th bedroom into the best possible Zoom Room, with a private entrance to your 356-square-foot terrace overlooking sunrises, sunsets, and the crystal blue Tampa waters.

Altura Bayshore’s new construction guarantees a state-of-the-art functioning Zoom Room thanks to the building’s many technological advancements. Or, if you prefer, Altura’s clubroom overlooking the Tampa skyline and bay, is the perfect place to hold face-to-face meetings.

If you are interested in making Altura Bayshore your new home, be sure to visit our website or contact us today. Altura Bayshore is the newest luxury highrise on Bayshore in Tampa, Florida. With residences starting from the low 1 millions, Altura is the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of all of your hard work.