When it comes to dream homes, having a pool in the backyard tends to be the norm. As luxurious as having a pool in your backyard is, having one on the roof takes that refreshing amenity to even higher heights.

There’s something about a rooftop pool that makes life even sweeter. Maybe it’s because you’re swimming among the clouds. Or maybe because it’s so private. So relaxing. Whatever it is, here are six popular reasons why swimming in a rooftop pool is heavenly.


Views are always the best when you are elevated. It’s like looking out a window of an airplane, appreciating the beauty and spectacle of the world below. Swimming and sunbathing in a rooftop pool gives you that same feeling and a similar view.

No Pests

Florida is paradise, there’s no question about it. However, as many of us know, Florida pests like to make an appearance on even the nicest of days. Luckily, this is not the case for a pool literally located in the sky.

Because mosquitos tend to only bite at an altitude of 25 feet or less, you are safe from most everything that could ruin your pool day. Don’t share the same worries of people that swim ground level. Live life above everything – including pests.


Sunrise, sunshine, sunset and repeat. Such are the weekend plans when you have uninterrupted access to a luxurious rooftop pool. Nothing but clouds can prevent you from enjoying the company of the sun and blue skies. But that is rarely a concern. Afterall, they don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing.


When you’re enjoying life on a rooftop pool deck, take in the sounds, sights, and feelings of pure bliss. An elevated pool deck on a skyrise offers guests refreshing breezes that only the birds normally get to enjoy. So, cool off in the pool or just lounge beside it. Either way that breeze will certainly be welcoming.


The private lifestyle a rooftop pool offers is one of elegance and uninterrupted pleasure. There are no neighbors looking down at you. No passers-by slowing down trying to get a peak. Yet, it’s a great location to meet your fellow tower residents and form friendships all the while enjoying your paradise in the sky.


A rooftop pool is a luxury to be enjoyed each and every day. At any point, you can relax and unwind by swimming floors above your luxurious residence. And don’t forget all the other amenities just steps from the pool.

There’s the trellis-covered bar. A spa. Barbecue grills. A fire pit. Club room with gas fireplace, large bar and flatscreen TVs. And a west-facing terrace to view sunsets – to name just a few. Now that’s luxury.

Altura Bayshore

Altura Bayshore is Tampa’s newest luxury skyrise on Bayshore Boulevard.  Twenty-three floors with 73 residences, the elegant tower is equipped with numerous other resort-like amenities. They include pickleball courts, bocce courts, a synthetic turf putting green, a half-court for basketball, a grilling area, guest suites, and of course, the rooftop pool.

Altura is located on Bayshore Boulevard and overlooks the blue waters of Hillsborough Bay, as well as the sparkling skyline of Downtown Tampa.

If you are interested in making Altura Bayshore your next home and would enjoy swimming in the sky, visit the sales center at 2910 West Barcelona Street in Tampa, Florida or by virtually touring the masterpiece at alturabayshore.com. For more information call 813.492.2420.